If 'Hunger Games' Actors Were 'SpongeBob' Characters, Because The Infamous Meme Has Inspired Us — PHOTOS

When it comes to movie casts, no one is as close-knit (and awesome) as the stars of The Hunger Games series. Not only do they make an incredible team on set, they are also a hilarious group during interviews. Aside from the movies themselves, fans anxiously await the press tours to see what Jennifer Lawrence will say next. Seriously, if you haven't watched any of them, YouTube it right now!

Even though the franchise has wrapped filming, the cast still finds ways to hang out, even with their busy schedules (because let's be real, movie mates are forever). Aside from the special Hunger Games reunion when Woody Harrelson hosted SNL, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer have also made a BFF pact to take a holiday with each other every two years (seriously, how cute is that?). It's no lie, this movie trio is one of the many reasons we fangirl over the series, but have you ever noticed the resemblance between them and another famous trio? If you're an active Tumblr user like me, and you follow Hunger Games accounts, there's no way you could've missed the amazing Hunger Games/SpongeBob crossover meme. Check out your favorite cast members matched with their SpongeBob SquarePants character.

But first—here's the meme.

SpongeBob SquarePants — Jennifer Lawrence

As the most outgoing and bubbly one of the group, it's no denying Jennifer Lawrence is clearly SpongeBob. Cast members say she's always goofing off on set making everyone around her laugh.

Patrick Star — Josh Hutcherson

The lovable sidekick we all adore, of course Josh Hutcherson is SpongeBob's best friend Patrick. Just like the TV BFFs, Josh and Jen are always cutting up with each other with their inside jokes and laugh attacks.

Squidward Tentacles — Liam Hemsworth

Now, we're not saying that Liam is particularly a grouch like Squidward, but you have to admit when it comes to interviews, he's definitely the more serious one of the group.

Sandy Cheeks — Sam Claflin & Jena Malone

For this character, Sam and Jena both fit the bill. Just like Sandy, Sam has a heavy accent and is very fond of where he comes from (England) and just like Sandy, Jena is multi-talented dabbling in acting, singing and photography.

Sheldon Plankton — Woody Harrelson

Okay, you know you were thinking it. Woody is by no means "evil" but if anyone is Plankton out of the group, it's gotta be Haymitch.

Mr. Krabs — Francis Lawrence

As the business man of the group, it only makes sense that Mr. Krabs would be the director of the final three films, Francis Lawrence.

Images: Nickelodeon, Getty Images, Tumblr/captainshellbomb