7 Of The Most Fashionable Dogs On Instagram

by Madison Alcedo

Let's all take a second to thank whoever came up with #NationalPuppyDay because it's given us a reason to take a look at some of the most fashionable dogs on Instagram. Even though some of these dogs are no longer puppies (sad day), we bet they were as cute as they are today even as young baby dogs. Pets have been some pretty great fashion accessories to celebs, like Paris Hilton's Tinker Bell or Kim Kardashian's cat Mercy (R.I.P.). Our pets may accentuate our style, but there's no doubt that they have some serious swag of their own.

In fact, we do know who created National Puppy Day: that was Colleen Paige who also created National Dog Day and National Cat Day. Paige founded the holiday (that is now recognized internationally) to educate the public about puppy mills and how to adopt puppies, according to the National Puppy Day website. So, thanks to Colleen for this great holiday to celebrate our furry loved ones and to raise awareness for them too!

Our pets are becoming our "kids before kids" with their own accessories and clothing and gadgets, so why not create an Instagram account for them? I know I personally fall into the dog-obsessed category where my dog has his own Instagram account (cough cough, @barbellfrenchie), but he probably isn't the best example of a fashionable dog (we're getting there though).

Here's a few of our favorite, famous, and furry friends on Instagram:

1. This Frenchie who says Ms. Piggy is her spirit animal

Trotter may be dressed up in her best date outfit, but she's also wearing a Whistle Activity Monitor, which is a device that is basically a FitBit for your dog. Props to Trotter for being both fashion-forward and tech savvy.

2. This Bull Terrier who is Marc Jacobs' dog

Neville Jacobs has got some serious island style going on. I think it's safe to say, he's ready for summer.

3. This Menswear Dog who has better style than our boyfriends

OK, so what's Menswear Dog's real name? We think someone as fashionable as him deserves a name, not just a label!

4. This Dachshund whose nickname is "The Celebrity Dachshund"

Crusoe may not be the most fashion-forward dog on Instagram wearing designer labels, but he definitely knows how to play dress up.

5. The Pomeranian who we all know and love

Boo has got the look of a fashion blogger down.

6. The French Bulldog who is best friends with Neville Jacobs

This BFF duo knows how to dress for winter in NYC. Charlie can often be seen having coffee with Neville, too.

7. The dog named Chloe who belongs to Lauren Conrad

Chloe may not have her own Instagram account yet, but her fashionable cameos in Lauren's photos will make you swoon while scrolling through your feed.

Images: Trotter/Instagram; Neville Jacobs/Instagram; Menswear Dog/Instagram; Crusoe Dachshund/Instagram; Buddy Boo Blue/Instagram; Charlie/Instagram; Lauren Conrad/Instagram