The First 'DWTS' Elimination Is So Unfair

A big flaw in the Dancing With the Stars voting system was exposed on Monday night. The problem with the show is that eliminations don't take into account that same night's performance. That's how Redfoo was eliminated on DWTS, despite his awesome improvement. He and partner Emma Slater didn't get great scores from the judges during the first week. Their "Juicy Wiggle" number garnered the lowest score of the week at just 22 point. This week Redfoo was a new man, but unfortunately he wasn't rewarded for it.

He took the judges' week one comments to heart and went to work on his technique. As a result his dance with Emma during week two showed an entirely different side of the musician. They brought their score up nine points to 31, and everyone in the house was pleased with Redfoo's transformation.

He really wanted to be in the competition and to be taken seriously. Despite his sillier outer persona, Redfoo loves to dance, and he was humbled to be competing. But his journey came to an end on Monday when he just didn't have the votes to keep him and Emma around. It's unfortunate that only the previous week's dance counts, because I'm sure if DWTS fans could have voted after their latest performance, their minds would have been changed.

Even though it's a tough loss after such a successful improvement, Redfoo is taking it all in stride. "I'm just happy that I got the chance to dance," he said after his elimination. Oh, Redfoo. Once a songwriter, always a rhymer. It's a shame he was sent home before his journey really started, but it's a wake up call for voters to take their job seriously and vote for the people they also want to give a second chance to. You never know who will turn around a poor performance and surprise you the very next week.

Images: Adam Taylor/ABC (2)