9 Gorgeous Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

With spring finally upon us, we have Easter on the brain — and of course, Easter eggs. But don’t break out those leftover dye kits you picked up at last year’s Easter clearance sale just yet — these Easter egg decorating ideas by our friends at Hometalk are so gorgeous, you're guaranteed to feel inspired. Sure, traditional pastels are pretty and a great go-to when you’re in a time crunch, but with a little creativity, you’ll have Easter eggs worthy of being put on display.

Every holiday you decorate your home with the appropriate festive items and color schemes, only to find yourself taking it all down a week later (read: month later). But believe it or not, there is a way to dress your home for the holidays with details and decor that look good enough to leave up year round, especially when that holiday is Easter.

Easter eggs can do more than just look cute — they can actually enhance your stylish home. Your decor deserves better than kitschy plastic eggs and paper cut outs, so this year, try one of these designer ideas for Easter eggs that look like you bought them off of the glossy pages of a high-end home goods magazine. Prop them up in book shelves, fill a cloche on your coffee table, or set them on your windowsill — these colorful ornaments will look great wherever you choose to showcase them.

1. All Wrapped Up

These colorful twine-wrapped beauties are not only a fun Easter craft, but the perfect way to add subtle holiday charm to any open nook or corner. Place them in a decorative tray or bowl beside your beverage corner or atop your coffee table to add a pop of festive spring color to your home.

Project via Jamie @So Much Better with Age

2. Nail Polish Marbling

If you've got extra bottles of nail polish that you know you’re not going to use, try this easy dyeing DIY for chic Easter eggs that would look perfect arranged in a soap dish beside the bathroom sink. With this sophisticated design, you can decorate for the holidays without giving up on your decor integrity.

Project via Carolyn @Homework

3. Gold Fern Impressions

Use a little nature and a little natural talent to turn plain paper mache eggs into gold detailed Easter eye-catchers. While you could do this craft with two paint colors and some interesting fronds and leaves, feel free to take a crafting shortcut, by adding the details using cut out vinyl shapes.

Project via ChiWei @One Dog Woof

4. Colorful Yarn Eggs

Create some unique lightweight Easter decor with these colorful DIY yarn eggs, perfect for filling a vase or hanging along your mantel. This craft can get a little messy, but your kids will love joining in the fun, especially when it comes time to pop the balloons at the very end.

Project via Adrianne @Happy Hour Projects

5. Pastels for Grown-Ups

Get a tad more whimsical with these storybook speckled eggs, perfect for arranging throughout your Easter home. If you’ve ever thought that pastels were for children, take a look at this sophisticated combination of pale blue and bold metallic.

Project via Carolyn @Homework

6. German Glass Glittered

This flashy design is the perfect decor piece if you’re looking for something to add that sparkle to your holiday home. Get a little glamorous with this plastic egg makeover that goes from dollar store to designer in a matter of minutes. You just know these would look classy arranged inside a china cabinet or on the coffee table with a few candles.

Project via Adrienne @Chic California

7. Tried and True

If you’re a stickler for tradition, you can still get a decor-worthy look with this modern twist on dyed Easter eggs. These sweet subdued creations use the perfect dynamic designs and bright colors to bring a little spring into your cozy home.

Project via Sarah @Home-ology

8. Exotic Turquoise and Gold

For an easy way to make your Easter eggs pop with upscale elegance, add a bright layer of paint (any color that complements your decor is ideal), and brush on some liquid gilding in the metallic tone of your choice. Place these bright accents around your home in unexpected places, like nestled into houseplants.

Project via Colleen @Just Paint It

9. Color Blocks and Wood

Wooden eggs are beautiful on their own, plus they open up a whole world of polished Easter crafts. Give your own batch a color blocked paint job, with at least one bold color to make them pop. Make sure to leave some of the wood showing, to create an interesting textured appeal.

Project via Ursula @Homemade by Carmona

Now that you’ve got your egg designs sorted out, get more Easter decorating ideas, inspirations, and how-to’s at Hometalk!