Trillium Book Award Winner Alice Munro: 'It’s like, at the wrong end of life, sort of becoming very sociable'

At 81 years old, short story-writer Alice Munro has decided it's time to put her social life first. Munro told the National Post after winning the Trillium Book Award, Ontario's top literary prize, that she is "probably not going to write anymore." (*brb getting tissues*)

Munro snagged the prize with her 13th, and possibly final, collection of stories entitled Dear Life: Stories. The collection is Munro's most autobiographical collection yet, and considered by many to be her best.

When asked how she would respond to readers disappointed over her retirement, Munro said, "Well, tell them to go read the old ones over again. There’s lots of them."

Were Munro to put down her pen, the literary community would suffer a huge blow. But writer Elliott Holt asks the most poignant question of the day: