Liam Payne’s Justin Bieber Joke & 8 More Times The One Direction Singer Was Sassy On Social Media

One Direction's Liam Payne is known for speaking his mind when fans or the paparazzi get in the way of his privacy, but now, he's finally started defending himself to his Twitter bullies. Yep, even someone as successful as Payne has cyber bullies, which just goes to show that it can happen to anyone — especially if you dare utter a word against Justin Bieber. So what's going on? On Monday, a Justin Bieber fan tweeted Liam Payne, asking how it feels to "know that Justin Bieber will always be more successful than you" and where other celebs might've just ignored the tweet, Payne decided to stand up for himself... and unfortunately, that led to a riot amongst Beliebers aimed in Payne's direction.

Fortunately, he handled the whole thing pretty well, and quickly realized that haters gonna hate and backed off the Twitter for the evening. I definitely don't blame him for letting a rude comment get the best of him, especially since he must get them in droves just because he happens to be in one of the biggest boy bands ever. Besides, his comeback to the Bieber fan was pretty funny, although it wasn't the most mature thing he could have said.

Here's how the exchange went down:

Even though Payne is generally a pretty easygoing guy, there have been times recently when he's snapped on Twitter and become the sassiest guy in the world in the name of his fans, his privacy, or his integrity. And it's impossible not to love him for it.

The Snake Habitat Incident

In 2013, some fans hung out trying to meet One Direction in Australia, and apparently, the area they were in was very dangerous. Thus began the legend of Payne's snake habitat tweet, which is pretty much the best one he's ever posted.

Telling The Media Where To Put It

Don't try to print anything false about Payne. He will find you and he will correct you.

Responding To Criticism About Not Smiling In Photos

Nobody has a perma-smile. Not even One Direction.

Defending His Right To Disagree With People On Twitter


Mocking Niall's Fans' Ridiculous Tweets

Because seriously, if you tweet like this, you probably should be mocked.

His Message To Fans Creeping Outside His House

Don't wait outside anyone's house, actually. That's not cool.

His Love For Colonel Sanders

We all love KFC.

More Media-Related Sass

You tell 'em!