Aimee Song Talks Beauty Routines, Eyebrows, And Her Weakness For Cupcakes


Aimee Song, of Song of Style, is one of those particularly modern celebrities: An icon with two million Instagram followers whose name means nothing to, say, my grandparents, but everything to a huge community of people that love fashion, interior design, and the internet. For work, she tends to focus on fashion and interior design, and Aimee Song's beauty routine is generally made up of tried-and-true look of natural makeup and gently waved hair. So when I met her in person at this year's Create + Cultivate conference, I wanted to find out a little bit more about her beauty routine. Like, does one of the biggest bloggers in the world have a skincare vice? Does she use DIY face masks like the rest of us? Here's what I learned. (PS: Her skin really is that flawless.)

1. Blog beauty is IRL beauty

2. She arrived late to the eyebrow game

3. White eyeshadow will never be her thing

4. No but seriously, she's obsessed with eyebrows

5. Her routine is almost 100 percent fragrance-free

6. Coconut oil really is a miracle worker

7. She doubles up on moisturizer in the winter

8. She fights her hair's natural texture

9. But does her own 'do

10. She's only got one vice

11. She's excited to re-invent her signature cat-eye

Images: Getty, Instagram/Song of Style