6 Blair & Dorota 'Gossip Girl' Moments That Prove These Two Were The Show's True BFFs

It has been three years since The CW's first iconic teen show went off the air, but Gossip Girl is still ever-present in our pop cultural lives, from Blake Lively's instagram to Penn Badgley interviews where he has to answer for Dan Humphrey's actions. It also lives on, apparently, in the form of real life BFFs: Adam Brody (another former teen icon) revealed during a recent appearance on The Hollywood Reporter's Off The Cuff podcast that his wife Leighton Meester remains best friends with Zuzanna Szadkowski. In CW-speak: Gossip Girl 's Blair and Dorota are still best friends. Ugh, the feels!

The topic came up because Brody and Szadkowski appear in a film called Growing Up and Other Lies together. As Brody said, and as transcribed by Elle:

Zuzanna...she's one of my wife's best friends. I didn't know her at the time. I wasn't with my wife yet. We hardly talked [when we were shooting]...she's an awesome person, too.

Bless this. As anyone who watched Gossip Girl could tell you, their onscreen counterparts — Upper East Side queen Blair Waldorf and her faithful Dorota — were inseparable throughout the show's six seasons. In honor of their continued off-screen friendship, here are some moments to look back on from their on-screen shenanigans.

Emotional Wedding Talk

lady047 on YouTube

When Dorota talks about family she's also totally talking about Blair.

Dorota's Wedding


Dorota Introduces Blair To Her New Office

"You've developed taste!"

Dorota Plays With Guns

Romulo Tavares on YouTube

Blair is not in this. But Dorota is amazing.

Baby Gift Giving

"You weren't there to wrap it, so..."

Dorota's Perfect Ringtone

Amanda K.R.Jaudy on YouTube

"If we have to wander the Upper East Side like outcasts in a Jane Austen novel then so be it!"

Image: The CW