Vin Diesel Thinks 'Furious 7' Will Win Best Picture At The Oscars, But His Other Roles Are Award-Worthy Too

Doesn't your heart just skip a beat when Vin Diesel pops up in the news doing something new? The Furious 7 actor's confidence was at an all-time high when in an interview with Variety, Vin Diesel said that he believed Furious 7 was going to take Hollywood by storm: "Universal is going to have the biggest movie in history. It will probably win Best Picture at the Oscars — unless the Oscars don't want to be relevant." Though it's definitely up for interpretation as to whether or not the Oscars want to be relevant, it sadly seems unlikely that the seventh installment in the Fast franchise will make it onto the Oscars ballot or take the prize. But still, who doesn't have a tender spot in their heart for Diesel? He's just an all-around swell guy, constantly tugging at our heartstrings — like with the fact that he named his newest baby Pauline after his late friend Paul Walker.

But, his statement does beg the question — which of Diesel's roles are award-worthy? He's played plenty of amazing characters other than Dominic Toretto from Fast (I know, I know — it seems a difficult feat, but it's true). Here are four of Vin's best roles that should have gotten a nod:

Xander Cage for Most Testosterone-Fueled Performance

Long story short, xXx is a crazy movie that starts with a scene at a Rammstein concert. Diesel plays Xander who used to be a stuntman (intense) and is now a NSA spy (intense!) looking for some evil Russians (classic intensity). It's extra-worthy of a viewing for this bridge scene ALONE.

The Iron Giant For Most Emotional Animated Performance

THAT'S RIGHT, Vin Diesel voiced the most lovable, evil weapon-destroying robot from the Cold War ever. If you don't cry during The Iron Giant, you have a giant heart made out of iron.

Groot For Most Emotional Animated Performance With Limited Vocabulary

Never has a character that hardly speaks been so endearing and memorable than Guardians of the Galaxy's Groot since Wall-E from...well, Wall-E. WE ARE ALL GROOT, do you hear me?! And Vin Diesel's preporation and commitment to this role in itself is so adorable and off the charts—he walked around on stilts during the making of the film to get inside Groot's head. I just cannot.

Adrian Caprizo For An Actual Performance Award

You might have forgotten that Vin Diesel was in Saving Private Ryan, a role that proves that he really does love making flashy action pictures for fun.

Honorary Oscar For This Conceptual Film

Presented without commentary. Please enjoy and marvel at our hero Vinny.