Who's In The Suicide Squad? DC Comics Has Included Many 'Arrow' & 'Flash' Villains

Huge congrats are in order for John Diggle, because he and Lyla are finally tying the knot on Arrow. The only problem is, it appears as if their new martial bliss is cut short when the Suicide Squad reemerges. You might remember that Diggle has a little bit of history with this group of bad-guys-turned-semi-good, and "Suicidal Tendencies" brings forward their brand new member: Cupid. The lineup we'll see on Arrow is different from the Suicide Squad in DC Comics, but that's just fine by me. We'll see who's in the group Wednesday night on Arrow, but who's involved with the A.R.G.U.S. group in the comics?

Short answer: basically everyone. The Suicide Squad is just like the Justice League, or even Marvel's The Avengers. Basically everyone has been a card-carrying member at some point in time, whether by accident, recruited for a mission or two, or a long standing presence. However, while the Justice League is full of our favorite heroes, the Suicide Squad is full of our favorite villains.

The meaning behind the Squad is simple — it's made up of captured baddies and villains who are either trying to reform themselves, or are being forced to (for example, when Cupid was captured on Arrow, she was not really given a choice regarding being sent to A.R.G.U.S. and therefore the Squad). The Squad is then sent on missions where there's a real possibility they might not come back, but, as sad as it is, that's kind of the point. The idea is, these villains don't have anything to lose, so they might as well be put in the face of danger in hopes of saving the day and earning some redemption.

Amanda Waller has been in charge of the Squad for a very long time, basically heading up every single team formation of it. Two other long standing members? Captain Boomerang and Deadshot. We've already seen Boomerang appear on Arrow — and The Flash — and now Deadshot's coming back to town after a long absence.

But these two aren't the only villains to play a part in comics' Suicide Squad. The Flash's Clock King, Multiplex, and Plastique has been members before — and so has Killer Frost. Hey, I'd totally be behind a Suicide Squad spinoff if it meant that Caitlin Snow was at the helm of it. As for Arrow villains, Vertigo is a known Squad member, along with Harley Quinn, who we briefly saw in the Season 2 Arrow episode, "Suicide Squad."

Maybe the most alarming member of the current Suicide Squad is — wait for it — Reverse-Flash. But this Reverse-Flash is Daniel West, aka Iris West's brother in the comics. Don't think about that point too much, because it'll just hurt your head, and neither Flash nor Arrow has ever suggested that Iris has a brother at all, let alone one who's Reverse-Flash and also a part of the Suicide Squad.

I'd just like to reiterate that I'm totally game for another Arrow and Flash spinoff it it means a show full of Suicide Squad members. Yes, I know that there's a movie coming out, but we haven't reached peak Suicide Squad. Not yet.

Image: The CW