The Scoop On Val Garland's Online Makeup School

by Madison Alcedo

Attention aspiring makeup artists: Val Garland, who has partnered with Mastered (which offers online fashion courses), is looking for 1,000 talented, driven, and experienced makeup artists to apply for her first class of The Val Garland online school of makeup. Garland's school of makeup, which is a three-month online course, will feature new videos each week from a topic that Val chooses. You may be asking yourself why you would pay $1,350 for an online makeup course when you can just learn from YouTube tutorials? But after extensively researching the course's website, it definitely looks like the kind of opportunity that would propel the career of an already experienced makeup artist who just needs that initial break-out connection into the industry.

If you don't know of her already, Val Garland is the woman every little girl who wants to be a makeup artist aspires to be. She has created looks for every fashion magazine and brands from Vogue to MAC to Lanvin, according to the course's website.

The website is marketing the experience as more than just a online school. "Think of it as a three-month apprenticeship with Val and her team. The only way you’d get more personal experience would be to be her assistant." If you're interested, you're definitely not the only one. There have been more than 7,796 people who are hoping to nab one of the 1,000 exclusive spots. If you want to check out your competition, there's already 20 people featured on the course website that have already been accepted into the program.

If I were an aspiring makeup artist who had the time and money, I would definitely jump on this opportunity. It's a chance to be mentored by the one and only Val Garland while gaining real experience at the same time. My only concern would be the online component of the course. Would it be as rewarding as an IRL instruction? But if you're used to online courses and enjoy the digital learning experience, I am sure it will be a cinch. If you work a full-time job or are a full-time student, the time commitment for each week is only three to five hours, so it's totally manageable, too.

To learn more about the program, you can head to their website here.

Images: Getty Images (1); MasteredHQ/Instagram