Bacon Ruining Sperm, One Screen Isn't Enough, The Yeti Is A Brown Bear, And Other Surprising Studies

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Once again, science is hell-bent on ruining all the fun. A team of Harvard researchers presented their findings linking diet and sperm quality at a conference thrown by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, and it ain't good: while fresh fish made for healthier, larger numbers of sperm, processed meat (in particular, bacon) damaged sperm quality. The team defined "normal" sperm as that which stood a good chance of making healthy, smart kids. The men who ate processed meat every day saw significantly lower levels of normal sperm. Fish had the opposite effect, but goes far less well with eggs.

Processed meat is defined as any meat that isn't fresh from the butcher's and cooked from scratch — so that's ham, pre-cooked chicken and beef from the grocery store, and, worst of all, bacon. And there's more: "There is certainly now convincing evidence that men who eat more fresh fruit and vegetables have better sperm than men who don’t," said the study's author.

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