Drybar Founder Shares Her Blow-Drying Secrets

by Eliza Florendo

If you're someone like me who's got fine hair, it can be a frustrating process every morning to get my hair to have any sort of body. I've even tried sleeping with it wet to add some sort of texture, but alas, when I wake up, it looks like a steam roller took a little stroll on my scalp and left no survivors. That's why I rejoiced when I read Drybar founder Alli Webb's blowout secrets.

In an interview with Byrdie, Webb spills her must-follow tips for how to blow dry your hair like a pro. One of my favorite tips from her list is the rough dry rule. My biggest mistake is blow drying my hair when it's still too wet. Webb suggests drying your hair as much as you can in the shower, then wrapping it all in a towel, and putting heat protectant on before turning on that hot air. Then, Webb suggests rough drying it—using the hair dryer and your fingers—just to get rid of excess moisture.

Another one of her tips that I found useful is sectioning your hair into different pieces. Webb suggests creating a section with as much hair as can fit comfortably on a brush. She then says to let down different sections vertically, rather than horizontally. These sections should be no more than one or two inches, according to Webb.

And the last, most unexpected tip: use a curling iron! Blow drying can often cause frizz, and to get rid of it, Webb suggests using a curling iron to smooth sections that are extra frizzy. Make sure you use a large-barrel iron, and instead of holding it in place, Webb says to choose random strands to de-frizz. A little mess never hurt anyone!

With a little help from some experts and the right tools, a proper salon-looking blow out is just around the Riverbend! To read more of Webb's tips (there are 12 of them!) head to her article on Byrdie.