Comparing Jon Hamm's Rehab Stint For Alcohol Abuse To 'Mad Men's Don Draper Is Wrong & Deeply Disrespectful

It's a bit tragic that it's no longer a great surprise to me when the masses react in an insensitive manner to serious news — whether it be about the world or the personal life of a celebrity. Sadly, it just seems to be the reality, especially on the Internet: Sensitive news about a topic breaks, and some people with Internet connections decide it's an amazing idea to sacrifice something like common human decency at the expense of making an offensive joke. In the case of this news, it seems to be no different: As reported earlier, Mad Men star Jon Hamm recently completed a rehab stint for alcohol abuse. Though he's thankfully said to be doing better — the program he voluntarily entered at a rehab facility in New Canaan, Connecticut lasted 30 days — it unfortunately doesn't seem that everyone reacting to this news has gathered that alcoholism is a serious disease. In response, a troubling number of users on Twitter have made ill-thought-out jokes comparing Hamm to his heavy-drinking Mad Men character Don Draper — and simply put, it's the worst.

I shouldn't have to point out that alcoholism is a serious issue that millions struggle with and therefore should not be made a mockery of, but it seems that I have to. Not only is comparing Hamm to Don because of his disrespectful to Hamm himself, who has requested privacy through his representatives in light of this matter, but it's also just plain offensive: Alcoholism is a real disease that real people suffer from due to their own very personal reasons. To make a joke that playing Don turned Hamm to drinking discounts whatever he is struggling with, and, quite frankly, discounts his attempts to seek recovery as well.

Instead of making jokes in the face of this news, why is his achievement — a completed stint in rehab for his addiction — not being commended? Why do tweets like these outnumber tweets celebrating his steps toward success?

Hamm is a real person, struggling with a very real addiction. He deserves the privacy that was so kindly requested, and he deserves support — not some gross attempts at making an offensive joke on the Internet for retweets and likes.