The 'Hot GRITS' Cast Are Basically Seven Sassy As Hell Quote Machines

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"Alright you white trash heifers, I got Fireball." Or so says Jenna to her fellow "GRITS" at the top of the extended trailer for VH1's new reality show. G.R.I.T.S.: That's "Girls Raised in the South." I know, both because it's explained in Hot GRITS' extended trailer, and because I had embroidered on a pillow in my childhood bedroom that probably came from Cracker Barrel and definitely came from one of my aunts. It's an acronym that people really use and I congratulate VH1 on its double-pun in the show's title. I also congratulate the network for packing so many choice quotes from its seven new cast members.

The series centers on seven young women living in Valdosta, Georgia; since they're technically already "raised," the show follows the results of being raised in Valdosta, which thankfully, occasionally includes getting drunk while fishing, going to the bar with fish guts on your shirt, and earning the nickname, Ratchet. Or so Ratchet tells us in the truly action packed trailer for what is sure to be a be a bright spot on "Welcome to Valdosta" flyers for years to come. Let's meet the ladies of Hot GRITS through their most telling quotes and tune in Tuesday night to see if the new series holds up to the promise of its trailer...

Image: VH1

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