Motivational Tissues Are Basically A Purse Staple

I really don't understand why it isn't already a standard, common practice for all workspaces (and living spaces, for that matter) to come outfitted with that kitten-dangling-from-a-branch poster that cheerfully reminds the reader, "Hang In There!" We all need a little nudge sometimes to redirect chins up, chests out. Portuguese designer Hugo Santos took on the challenge to offer comfort from a very direct source. He created Don't You Weep, tissues printed with uplifting quotes and messages to compile the most motivational box ever.

The box has a simple retro design, not unlike a slightly psychedelic Charlie Brown shirt. Warm, buttery yellow is apparently a psychological mood-booster and can actually have an influence in summoning cheer. No clue if Santos intentionally employed such scientific backing when planning the sweet box or not, but there is that. Some studies also suggest even the serif-heavy font used implies traditionalism, which could certainly inspire a fuzzy, familiarity feeling—absolutely helpful when you feel down in the dumps, right? Plus, real talk, this dude would look cute AF sitting on a nightstand or desk:

And here's an example of one of the heart-hugging messages:

Honestly, I'm not sure I could even blow snot or tears or other face liquids onto these motivational messages. I'd probably just create a feelings board IRL in my room or something. Regardless, I have a while to plan as Santos sold out of his first run at a pop-up shop. Fingers crossed he re-ups soon so we can all grab a box or 12.

Images: Hugo Santos/Behance