A Sinkhole In Brazil Swallowed A What?

Although residents of Brazil surely rejoiced at the first rainfall after months of unprecedented drought, this is certainly not what they asked for. The rain has been so heavy and relentless that it's caused severe flooding, which then leads to a pretty terrifying natural phenomenon. On Monday, a massive sinkhole in Brazil swallowed a bus and spat it back out onto a powerful torrent that carried it away like it was a small toy. Luckily, bystanders were able to catch the jaw-dropping incident on camera, because it's a sight that you have to see to believe.

On Monday, in the Brazilian state of Pará, a bus carrying a group of tourists was making its way down a dirt road when it came across what looked like a giant crater in the ground. It was in fact a sinkhole that had been formed by the heavy flooding of water underneath it. Even though the bus wasn't on the verge of falling in, the tourists evacuated it, which was extremely fortunate because moments later the sinkhole was able to pull the massive vehicle into its pit.

The most shocking part is what came next. After the bus was swallowed into the hole, it was shot out underneath by the force of the flood, which then carried it away in its powerful stream.

There's the bus as it approaches the hole. The vehicle is clearly pretty sizable, which underscores just how powerful sinkholes are.

Perhaps someone said in jest, "Hey, maybe we should exit the bus just in case, oh I don't know, that hole swallows it up or something!" Little did they know that their joke was actually an accurate premonition.

Because that's exactly what happened. The bus suddenly gets pulled in by the sheer force of the sinkhole.

But that's not all.

It then gets pulled by the strong flood currents and spat out the other side.

Where it ended up, nobody knows, but it's safe to assume that the poor bus probably took a beating along the way. This just goes to show that when it comes to Mother Nature vs. anything man-made, Mother Nature always wins.

The flooding was a result of heavy rainfall on Monday that has taken Brazil from one extreme climate condition to another. Prior to February, Brazil was experiencing its most severe drought in history. The dire lack of water forced more than four million people to start rationing water and face power cuts, while countless businesses closed their doors. Relief finally came in February, when parts of Brazil saw their first rainfall in months, but once it came it never stopped. Now, the people of Brazil are facing heavy flooding that's damaging infrastructure and disrupting traffic flow. Here's hoping Brazil catches a break soon with some moderate weather.

Images: CNN