Zayn Malik Memes To Make You Feel Better About His Decision To Go In A New Direction

March 25th, 2015. A day that will live in infamy. A day that marks the moment Zayn Malik quit One Direction. Yes, the dreamy lad is leaving to go in a brand new direction and 1D is to forge on as a foursome. Though I myself am a fully grown woman, this is indeed a tragic day for 12-year-olds everywhere, one that gives me flashbacks to the trauma I experienced when Ginger quit the Spice Girls. Right now, 1D fans taken to social media, screaming to the heavens, "Why, why?"

Well, for a relatively understandable reason. In a statement released earlier today, Malik stated, "I want to be a normal 22-year-old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight." And that's a completely understandable reason. My question is, at what point did Malik secretly make this decision? Because there are some definite photos of him looking absolutely dead inside, as if he was literally plotting his next move.

One Direction fans, stay strong. There was a time where I was rocked by the news of *NSYNC's "temporary hiatus." They have not put out any new material since, but I moved on with my life. Turning 13 helped.

Anyway, to help you possibly laugh at the situation here are some moments and reasons that would've prompted Zayn to leave the band.

Because of the Every Day Influx of Crazy Fangirls

With all due respect to crazy fangirls, and coming from a renowned crazy fangirl herself. You're looking at a girl who has built a LOT of shrines in her youth. It's a passion, and it requires a lot of effort.

However, there's an inordinate amount of One Direction fans, each one more rabid than the next, some of them writing full-length fanfiction masterpieces. Every day must feel like the beginning of A Hard Day's Night, but with barely-formed children with iPhones.

Because the Insane Pressures of Maintaining That Dreamy Boy Band 'Do Was Overwhelming

Rumor has it that maintaining stunning ramen hair is what set Justin Timberlake over the edge. Harry Styles just sets such a high standard, and they spend all their tour money on Sephora products. He just wants to go one day without gel. One. Day.

Because of the Veritable Twitter Explosion Following the Announcement

Malik thought it would be especially exciting fun to see what would happen to his fan base, knowing that news of his departure would result in an outpouring of hysteria, tears, and love. Twitter has been set entirely ablaze.

Just Because

Bold power move, my friend. Bold. Power. Move.

Images: Getty Images/Mary Grace Garis (4)