The 11 Best Zayn Malik Tweets To Help You Deal With His One Direction Departure

It's a lot to handle, but it's official, guys. Zayn Malik is leaving One Direction. I know. You'll probably want to spend the rest of the day comforting yourself through Zayn-related activities. Reflecting on Zayn Malik's best tweets is a great way of doing that. After all, we need to allow ourselves to self-soothe when things like this happen. There's no shame in locking yourself away in your room and listening to his parts of various One Direction songs for the rest of the day. Leave work early if you have to. Take all the time you need.

As the reality of a four-person One Direction sinks in, it pays to remember the good times. Throughout his five years with the band, Malik's Twitter has been a bastion of positivity and good vibez. Sure, he doesn't tweet often. But when he does, he makes it count. He festoons his messages with emoticons, emojis, and general expressions of glee. He consistently thanks his fans and supporters for being so darn sweet all the time. He broadcasts his love for life’s simple pleasures, like avocados and his mum. Just for the sake of continuity, I really hope he keeps tweeting under his current, One Direction-referencing name. Some things have no earthly business changing.

So crank up the Sarah McLachlan and grab a box of tissues. These 11 Zayn Malik tweets will make you feel all the feels.

That time he was super confused about "on fleek"

Ugh, for realsies though!!!

That time he imitated the sound of a cartoon horn

So goofy!!

The time we found out he wasn't a red gummy bear man

A very telling personality indicator.

When he got "Who Let The Dogs Out" stuck in his head

Because this pretty much happens from time to time with every human being.

The time he was CRAZY excited about his engagement

GUH! I'm getting choked up just thinking about it.

When autocorrect done him wrong

How relatable is he?!?!

When he and Jack Daniels bonded

He does need to learn the lesson that, given the chance, JD will turn his back on you.

When he just wanted to give Mom a shout-out

Big up to the momz...

That time he got an invite to Usher's house... kinda

OK, so maybe he was just in the same city.

When he discovered avocados

Wait 'til you try guacamole, man...

When he was grateful for his fans

The little people love you, Zayn! Godspeed in your quest for normalcy!