Check Out Zayn Malik's Gorgeous Hair In Motion

by May Sofi

Well, it's totally official, folks — Zayn Malik has left One Direction. Let that sink in for a second. Doesn't feel like real life does it? I am still in denial; I simply refuse to believe it. Or maybe I just haven't gotten over the initial shock. Either way, it's clear that the beloved boy band has suffered a major blow, losing one of their most admired members, ensuring that 1D will never be the same again.

Malik may have been the strong silent type, not one to shove his way into the spotlight or bask in the glow of being the center of attention (cough, Harry Styles, cough). Nevertheless, his talent truly shined when he took his place on the stage, and he stood out from the rest of his mates in other, more stylish ways. While Harry, Niall, Louis, and Liam are all dashing young gentleman with impressive fashion taste, Zayn has a particularly unique look that definitely made him the heartthrob of the crew.

It seems having out-of-the-ordinary hair was a requirement to be a part of 1D, as each one of them has sported some wacky hairdo at one time or another. While I'm not a particular fan of Harry's wayyyy too long girly locks, Zayn's hairstyles were always on point.

In an attempt to commemorate the amazing (now former) Directioner, here are 7 gifs of Zayn Malik's hair looking AH-mazing.

Long-haired Zayn

That headband is everything.

That Major Hair Flip

I can't even handle the awesomeness.

Slightly More Grown Out

I can't get enough of the long hair.

Super Tall Spikes

It's all about the height.

Tousled Hair

Work it Zayn.

The Grease Lightening Hair

Doesn't he look just like Danny Zuko?

That Time He Had Girl Hair

Just kidding! This was a wig he wore when he transformed into a woman for the Best Song Ever video. And yet he still looks pretty fab.

Images: Giphy (7)