Zayn Malik's 'X Factor' Audition Clip Will Probably Make You Cry More Than You Already Are — VIDEO

It is credo in both life and Hollywood: Everything must come to an end eventually, even if it might just come back as a reboot later on. One of those ends came Wednesday when news broke that Zayn Malik had left One Direction. Considering the massive fan base surrounding the band and the group's status as a united household name, it's hardly surprising that said news sent the Internet into a frenzy of mourning and unanswered questions. So if you're wandering this wasteland of Zayn-less One Direction with the rest of us, might I suggest we all take a moment to think back to the good times? In fact, let's think all the way back to a moment that would help jump-start all those good times: Zayn Malik's original The X Factor audition.

The origin story of One Direction has always been right out there in the public: They were put together by Simon Cowell to continue through The X Factor competition in the "Groups" category. They wound up coming in third, but the five of them together went on to kind of conquer the world.

Now that Malik's left the group, let's look back at the moment he entered himself to be a part of this wild ride in the first place. His decision to leave the group and take a break from the spotlight is one that should be respected and kept in mind in our ongoing treatment of the remaining members of the group. But there's no denying that while he's made it clear this was a necessary move for him, Malik will be missed — and he contributed to making 1D what it is today.

Which is, essentially, beloved.

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(Told you that you would cry.)