Wicked Diablo Cody Inspired DIY Halloween Costumes

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Diablo Cody's latest full-length feature film Paradise opens this weekend and we're excited to see what signature quirky places the screenwriter takes us. The film stars Julianne Hough, Octavia Spencer, Russell Brand, Holly Hunter, and Nick Offerman and tells the story of Lamb (Hough) — a young Christian conservative who goes through a crisis of faith after surviving a plane crash. And where better to test the lengths and understanding of your beliefs? Vegas, of course. There, she meets William (Brand) and Loray (Spencer) who act as her drunk and bejeweled guardian angels in the Sin City. Since Halloween, the Las Vegas of holidays, is fast approaching, we decided to share some easy last-minute Cody-inspired DIY costume ideas. Thundercats are go.

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