Britney Spears New Single Release Date Confirmed

With all the teasing that led up to this announcement, the new Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea single could be considered a long time coming — and it could be considered even more of one when you take into account that its release date, May 5, is still a month and a half away. But, while Azalea may still be new to the game compared to Spears, Spears is staple in pop music at this point. In other words: She's not going anywhere in that waiting time.

As Azalea teased back in early February, "there are pretty epic plans underway for the song that's all I'll say." And hey, she's had her rough patches but there's no denying Spears can deliver a pop hit or fifty.

Spears revealed the release date of the single in an interview with People, in which she also noted that she's currently "the happiest [she's] ever been." Aw, good for you, Brit!

As for the single itself, we've got to find some way to spend the time between now and when they actually allow us to hear this thing. So why not relive some of Spears' classic singles of the past? Let's go with five specifically, considering the 5/5/2015 release date.

These really are classics.

"...Baby One More Time"

You didn't think I'd leave this one off, did you?

"Oops!...I Did It Again"

One of the only songs where both the actual song and the music video are completely legendary.

"Slave 4 U"

Britney changed the game with this song, and she did it well.


Despite a few misheard lyrics, this song is one of Brit's best.

And, since the song is a collaboration, you can't forget this one...

"Me Against The Music," featuring Madonna

Like I said: Classic.