11 Best YouTube Beauty Vloggers To Follow

by Jessica Willingham

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm a beauty addict. No, really, I have a problem: I can spend hours on YouTube watching the best beauty vloggers as they contour, swatch, review, teach, and talk all about their favorite makeup and beauty products. When I graduated college, I told myself it was time to do my makeup like a grown-ass woman. Directly going to the Sephora counter sounded overwhelming, so I decided to do a little research. With the help of YouTube, I found a big and diverse community of women (and men!) who were ready to share everything they had learned from working at beauty counters, as freelance artists, or from underneath the stage lights of drag.

Most of these vloggers make their living through these videos, but that doesn't mean they're sell outs. Most are brutally honest in product reviews, ensuring you only spend money on makeup that works. The videos document product hauls from high-end department stores to drugstores, and teach you how to mix high and low-end products for a flawless and functional makeup kit.

I rounded up 11 of my favorite beauty vlogger channels. Get ready to fall down the rabbit hole of beauty and makeup. Caution: your face will never look the same.

1. Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill was my first true love on YouTube. A former freelancer and MAC worker, she draws on a lot of real world experience. If you have dry skin and crave a dewy look, you'll love her product suggestions.

2. Makeup Geek

Marlena of Makeup Geek is both a blogger and product developer, which basically means she knows her stuff. Her eyeshadows and foil shadows have been said to rival the products at MAC, making her the vlogger to watch.

3. Nicole Guerriero

Nicole Guerriero keeps it real, letting you know what drugstore products are her every day go-tos. I like that she showcases both low and high end products in single looks.

4. Manny Mua

Manny Mua is easily the prettiest person I've ever seen on YouTube — and he's a dude. His product reviews are always helpful and honest, but my favorite videos are the single brand tutorials. Watching his reaction to E.L.F products as he uses them is both hilarious and helpful.

5. Patrick Starrr

If you're a man who likes to occasionally hit the drag stage and belt Whitney Houston (or a woman who enjoys all that too, like me), this guy is for you. Patrick Starr walks viewers through everyday looks and techniques that work for anybody, but watching him do drag makeup is what really leaves me in awe.

6. Kandee Johson

Kandee Johnson is best known for her phenomenal transformations. She can make herself look like anything and anyone, from a Disney princess to Kylie Jenner.

7. ItsMyRayeRaye

I've never seen Raye Raye put on a lipstick shade that she didn't look killer in.

8. Ellarie

The gorgeous Ellairie does some fun, full-faced look tutorials.

9. Shaaanxo

First of all, Shaaanxo is from New Zealand, so watching the videos just for her voice is reason enough to watch for me. But her signature looks are sweet and feminine, and can totally work on everyone.

10. Michelle Phan

You probably know Michelle Phan by now, because how could you not? She's arguably the most successful beauty vlogger in the business. Similar to Kandee Johnson, Michelle can transform herself into just about anything using everyday products you can get your hands on. Phan also has her own line of cosmetics, too.

11. Andrea's Choice

A) Andrea's sass is hilarious. B) She loves drugstore makeup, and who doesn't love saving on great products? C) She wears a '90s-esque choker and fuchsia lips in her last video. Dying.