Did Felicity Get Shot On 'Arrow'? "Suicidal Tendencies" Leaves Us With An Unsettling Cliffhanger

You know that awkward feeling that comes when you see your current boyfriend and your ex-boyfriend standing right next to each other? Well, that's nothing compared to the uncomfortableness Felicity was faced with during Wednesday night's Arrow episode "Suicidal Tendencies," which found the Atom and Arrow facing off against one another. But surprisingly, that wasn't the biggest shocker of the night. Far from it, actually, considering that there's a good chance Felicity's life is in serious danger (again), at least if Maseo's final arrow launch is any indicator.

But let's back up for a minute here. If you recall, Ra's al Ghul did not taking Oliver's rejection to become the next League of Assassins ruler very well. So much so that he's taken to tarnishing the Arrow's good name by having his minions dress up as the vigilante and go around killing in his name. Well, naturally this prompted the Starling City officials to take action —one of which included Ray Palmer himself, who (while dressed in his A.T.O.M. suit) discovered Oliver's secret identity (though I don't know how secret it is at this point) and attempted to bring him down. Spoiler alert: it didn't work. Sorry, Ray, but it's going to take more than a few expensive gadgets to beat our Emerald Archer.

Thankfully, Felicity was able to smooth things over and eventually convinced Ray that Oliver isn't the murderer he thinks he is. But just when Ray, Laurel, and Felicity are trying to plead for the Arrow's innocence, the faux-Arrow (this time in the form of Maseo) struck again, killing the mayor and setting his sights on his next target in the room: Felicity. Now, of course, we know better than to think that Felicity will actually die, especially since next week's episode shows her both alive and well. In fact, based on the pictures, I'd venture to say that Ray is the one who ends up getting hit instead:

But it was still a very unsettling sight to see and, personally, I won't rest soundly until I can get a definite confirmation of where that final arrow landed. Granted, this wouldn't be the first time Felicity's life was put in jeopardy, but once Oliver catches wind that Maseo even thought about trying to take the love of his life out, I'm willing to bet there will be some serious repercussions, regardless of their past history. Watch your back, Maseo, because you just declared war. No one messes with Felicity and gets away with it.

Images: Katie Yu/The CW; Diyah Pera/The CW