‘Pretty Little Liars’ Real Life Twins, Because Everyone In The Cast Could Have A Surprise Twin

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The major theory the Pretty Little Liars fandom is working on now is that Jason DiLaurentis has a twin. The twin theory has been a popular one for years thanks to the books which feature Alison having a twin. But the show has slipped in several twin references over the years, too. There were the two girls dressed in the same yellow top that fateful night, and the scary Halloween story about the girl who killed her twin, etc.

But whether or not the Jason having a twin theory is correct, it got me thinking about the PLL cast and who their celebrity twins would be. Some of the people on this show look identical to other Hollywood A-listers. Maybe if I. Marlene King decides she needs a twin for any of her characters, she can call on these celebrity doppelgangers.

Image: ABC Family

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