The New Perfect Smoky Eye and 12 More Dramatic Eye Makeup Looks to Try

The smoky eye, thick winged liner, and deeper shades of red and brown all come with the dramatic eye makeup territory. And there's no better time to experiment with just how sultry you'll go with this look than right about now.

You could stick with the status quo black liner and dark brown shadow duo, and that's totally fine. Or, you could expand your palette to include shimmery purples and blues, high-shine liquid liner, warm bronzed tones, and fiery reds. No one said that a darker look needed to be so serious or straightforward, so live a little. Up close inspiration this way, please.

Image: maxmade/Instagram

by Marisa Tom

More Liner, Please

An extra dose of black eyeliner around the entire eye gives a seriously dramatic finish. No lipstick or heavy blush needed.

Image: joansmalls/Instagram

High-Shine Slick

For a striking look, prime the eye with a nude or taupe-hued shadow. Then line with a high-shine liquid liner. This carbon black version by Urban Decay is awesome.

Image: maxmade/Instagram

Autumn Perfect

For those not ready to go too dark just yet, this deep brown smoky eye isn't as dramatic as its black shadow counterpart. Try going lighter on the eyes and really focusing on a thick brow instead.

Image: nikkideroest/Instagram

Thick Brows, Dramatic Eyes

Forget what I said in the last slide. The dark look plus thick brows is perfect.

Image: andrewarthur/Instagram

Girl on Fire

No, this isn't a joke. The smoky red eyeshadow approach is super-sexy, and if you know which type of red works for you (example: red with blue undertones, red with yellow undertones), the striking color will emphasize the shape of your eyes and color of your skin.

Image: patmcgrathreal/Instagram

Traditional Take

A more traditional take on the smoky eye, but this one utilizes a slightly dark emphasis at the crease.

Image: millajovovich/Instagram

An Alternative

Although not dark at all, it still counts as a perfectly seasonal eye look. Pair bronze shadow with a more coppery tone and you're all set.

Image: dolcegabbana/Instagram

Lavender Effect

To get the bright-eyed, bushy tail effect, invest in a good mascara and lavender eye shadow. Along with a thin cat-eye, apply some light purple shadow and two coats of mascara to follow suit.

Image: rumineely/Instagram

Old School

Or skip the lavender eyeshadow and go right for a white or gray/ice colored shadow instead. It will give a thick cat-eye look even more oomph.

Image: intothegloss/Instagram

When the Sun Goes Down

Not for the faint of heart. This purple and blue smoky eye should definitely be worn at night and with nude lips. But how sexy is it? Wow.

Image: maxmade/Instagram

Keep It Pretty

If you decide to line your eyes all the way around, offset the harshness of black eyeliner with a soft pink eyeshadow and brushed-through brows.

Image: patmcgrathreal/Instagram

Slightly Exotic

For extra flair, flick out the end of your liquid eyeliner. It will also give the illusion of thicker lashes.

Image: andrewarthur/Instagram

Smoky Eye Lite

Known for always wearing a classic cat-eye look, Alexa Chung definitely opted for something lighter here. I'd call this a light brown smoky eye. Because you don't need to pay too much attention to the actually intensity of shadow, you can really play up green or blue eyes.

Image: chungalexa/Instagram