What's The Song In The Hulu Commercial, "You Know You Wanna"? This Track Will Bring The Summer Fun To Your Ears

If you're marketing your online television show library to people who like television, flashing 20+ clips from popular television programs is a pretty solid strategy. Like lowering 20+ iridescent lures into a lake and waiting for the fish to pounce. You know what else is a pretty solid strategy? Add a catchy song into the mix. Get the song (and the ad) stuck in our noggins. In a new TV spot for online video service Hulu, beloved boob tube characters such as Parks and Recreation's Andy Dwyer, Empire's Lucious Lyon, and Glee's Rachel Berry pop up on the screen. The soundtrack is celebratory; a happy, clap-along jam that blends '60s folk pop and modern day indie. The track is "Electric Love" by singer/songwriter BØRNS (real name: Garrett Borns). The song can be found his 2014 EP Candy.

Here's a fun fact: Candy was written and recorded in a literal treehouse in Los Angeles. A literal treehouse where BØRNS used to live. (He no longer lives in the treehouse. Womp womp.) All four songs on Candy sound like hanging out by the pool on a breezy, sunny day. Or maybe like hanging out in a treehouse on a breezy, sunny day? Whatever your ideal sunny day hangout spot may be, that's what BØRNS' music sounds like.

I've got that summertime, summertime happiness:

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Image: Hulu/YouTube