Zayn Malik At A Studio In London Could Incite Fandom-Wide Panic, But There Are Lots Of Reasons He Could Be There

Let the conspiracy theories begin. A mere day after the One Direction fandom was devastated by the news that Zayn Malik has quit One Direction to become "a normal 22-year-old," Malik has already been spotted out and about in London. However, it's not just the fact that he's in London that has got Directioners in such a mood. It's the fact that Malik is in a London studio that is raising eyebrows. I don't know about you, but when I was 22 years old and, you know, normal, I didn't spend any of my time in a studio. Does this mean that Malik's solo career is a definite go?

Now, hold on, guys. Let's not jump to conclusions here. Being seen heading into a studio — allegedly — right after quitting his internationally famous boy band doesn't necessarily mean that Malik has insidious plans to immediately go solo. After all, why would he need to lie about that? When Ginger Spice left the Spice Girls to pursue a solo career, we were all sad but we also all listened to her music. Justin Timberlake left *NSYNC to pursue a solo career, and we still love him. Don't get me started on the majesty that is Beyoncé.

Before we brand Malik a lying liar who lies and decide in advance to boycott any CDs he might decide to put out in his post-1D career, let's speculate on some of the other reasons for why he might have been seen in a studio.

1. He's Recording Music For One Direction


Hey, they do have another album coming up allegedly later this year. Maybe Malik is going to appear on the album after all — since he was under contract— and a stipulation of his release from the contract is that he has to pre-record some vocals that they can use. Sure, they probably haven't written any of the songs yet, but they could have at least an idea of some vocal guidelines he can follow.

2. He's Supporting Perrie Edwards

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Maybe he met her at the studio so he could watch her band, Little Mix, record some upcoming tracks. I mean, the One Direction tour has kept these two love birds from spending any time together, so obviously now they must be attached at the hip.

3. He's Supporting Another Musician Friend

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The boys of One Direction aren't Malik's only friends, you know. Maybe he was at the studio in London in order to hang out with some of his other friends, who are also musicians, because he's got a lot of free time on his hands now that he's not in a massive boy band that's out on tour.

4. He's Doing Guest Vocals On A Song


Just because he has quit One Direction doesn't mean that he's giving up on all the other commitments he made prior to his decision to leave the band. Maybe Malik agreed to do vocals on some other tracks, and he's just living up to that commitment before returning to his life as a normal boy.

5. He Forgot His Favorite Hoodie


He's been waiting for the tour to end so that he could get that hoodie back, you guys. CAN HE LIVE?!

6. He's Just Trolling Us

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Sure, Malik doesn't really seem like the type to troll the fandom, but there's a first time for everything. He wants us to wonder. He wants us to scream. At least if we're angry at him, then we won't be sad. He might be trolling, but he also really cares about our feelings.

7. Who Cares?

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The poor man just wants to live. Can we stop following him around with cameras and let him do so?

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