Looks Like J. Lo & Casper Are Back Together

They've been broken up for a while now, but it appears that Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart may be rekindling their romance. According to TMZ, Lopez and Smart were caught kissing when he stopped by the American Idol set on Wednesday. As the site puts it, "They kissed out in the open for everyone to see." Well, I don't know that other people seeing was really part of the plan. I kiiiinda doubt that they considered kissing in what appears to be a parking lot behind wherever the heck American Idol is filmed a big coming out party for "everyone to see," but, yeah, it sure looks like they kissed.

That's right. There's photographic evidence! And the people in the picture do look like Lopez and Smart, so yes, it's probably not a couple of stunt doubles.

The couple broke up back in June of 2014 after a two and a half year long relationship, but there's been talk about them getting back together before. In fact, Smart denied rumors as recently as Monday, telling E! News, "We got a lot of ties. We're very close. We're friends. We're very good friends."

In addition to kissing on set, the pair left together in Smart's car. Now, hearing this, we still shouldn't jump to conclusions. Maybe these two are so close that they give each other a peck on the lips, rather than the cheek, when they meet up. Maybe they each asked the other person to check if they have bad breath at the same time and accidentally touched lips. Maybe they were just carpooling together to be environmentally friendly. Maybe the pictures do show body doubles and someone is trying to frame them!!! The possibilities are endless!

Or, uh, maybe they just are back together...