What Do Rihanna's "#BBHMM" Lyrics Mean?

Guys, we totally should've seen Rihanna's new single coming, even before she teased the song on Instagram Wednesday. Think about it — she actually warned us a couple months back when she sang about being "fourfiveseconds from wildin'," in "FourFiveSeconds," and now we know we know the source of her pent-up frustrations. After listening closely to Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" and its lyrics, I get the feeling some unfortunate Rihanna Navy adversary owes the Bad Gal some serious cash and, um, let's hope for their sake that they pay up soon. Quite frankly, the mere thought of a bill-collecting Rihanna scares me.

Anyway, #BBHMM actually reminds me of a more modern, edgy take on Destiny’s Child “Bills, Bills, Bills," in which Rihanna takes DC's sassy manner of calling out a guy who spent their hard-earned cash and replaces it with her decidedly more upfront, no-nonsense approach. (Something tells me that Destiny's Child wouldn't have encountered this issue if they had someone with Rih's attitude on their team.)

So basically, I've already adopted #BBHMM as my new anthem because it hooked me right away, and I'm pretty sure someone out there owes me money. My only gripe with the song is it's not long enough and needs more (and better) lyrics. Perhaps a remix will remedy that issue, but for now, let’s get down to analyzing #BBHMM's lyrics:

"Bitch better have my money"

The culprit here is Rihanna's eyebrow lady, who clearly owes the singer a refund. (Sorry, Rih Rih.)

"Louis XIII and it’s all on me/You just bought a shot"

What Rihanna meant to say was: "What I hold in my hand is quite the expensive alcoholic beverage and seeing as how you only chose to purchase a single shot, I find it absolutely necessary for security to remove you from my presence. If you wanna hang out with me, bitch, you better have my money, as in same level of cash flow." In which case, I’ll be in the corner nursing a happy hour-priced shot.

“Bitch, give me your money”

This is a not-so-subtle, mostly unnecessary marketing tool used to um, kindly encourage fans to purchase R8.

"Turn up to Rihanna while the whole club f*ckin’ wasted/Every time I drop I am the only thing y’all playin’"

This line basically describes every night of Rihanna's life.

"In a drop top do a 100/Y’all in my rear view mirror racing"

Thank you, Rihanna. For the millionth time in #BBHMM, you've reminded us that sadly, we don't have your money.

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