17 Stylish Fair Trade Clothing Items You'll Want In Your Closet Regardless Of How Committed You Are To Shopping Ethically

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It's spring cleaning season, which really means it's spring shopping cleaning. Since you'll already be stocking up on new pieces, may I suggest searching for some stylish fair trade clothes and accessories to add to your collection? I promise, it's not all hemp sacks pretending to be dresses.

To get a little serious, the International Justice Mission reports that there are nearly 29.8 million people held in slavery today. This is broken up between citizens rights abuse, labor slavery, police brutality, property grabbing, sexual slavery, and sexual violence — and you might be inadvertently supporting it, especially when it comes to buying affordable clothing.

Fortunately, celebrities and fashion icons are getting behind the initiative the end modern day slavery. A lot of department stores now sell clothes that are 100 percent guaranteed fair trade. To get you started, here are 17 ethical brands selling clothes and accessories that are cool and sustainable.

Image: The Little Market

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