Britney Spears' Real Voice Revealed in Isolated Track, But Is It Really That Bad?

When I'm at home, singing in front of my mirror with my cat as the only bored audience member, I absolutely rock Christina Aguilera's "What a Girl Wants." The vocal runs, the high notes, the Aguilera-patented hand motions — despite my feline's passive reaction, there's no denying that I sing the song as well as a poor woman's Aguilera could. But, bring me in front of a real audience to sing the song at karaoke, and I'm an utter disaster. Why do I bring this up? Purely in defense of a video featuring Britney Spears' isolated, real vocals at a 2001 concert, which is currently making its way around the Internet.

Because I feel for the woman. In a recording studio, where one is in a controlled, supportive environment, and has the confidence to deliver notes as they should be delivered, it's easy to sing "Lucky" or "...Baby One More Time." But add a crowd — who may be your fans, but you can't forget how quickly they can turn on you — and a completely choreographed routine, and, suddenly, nerves and exhaustion make all notes go so flat and sharp, Randy Jackson is feeling the pitchy pain in a room somewhere across the country. Because, y'all, just as it was difficult for me to deliver a performance of "What a Girl Wants" in front of a room of strangers while trying to keep up the energy with a few dance moves, it is difficult for Ms. Spears to sing her hits in front of a massive audience. And, still, even though this track might be painful to listen to, it's an absolute delight to look at — Spears not only looks amazing, but she proves that she can perform. All that energy!

In fact, watching the video, I'm not saddened by the fact that a pop star doing an intense workout in front of thousands is slightly sharp and out of breath, I'm saddened that Spears has yet to reclaim that energy in her current "Work Bitch" days. (And that's coming from someone who, clearly, was staunchly Team Christina in the late '90s pop debate.) Hopefully we'll see more of a return to form with Britney Jean, but, for now, just leave Britney alone, guys.