John Slattery Starring In 'Empire' Almost Happened, So What If His 'Mad Men' Character Roger Sterling Was On The Show?

Now that Mad Men is almost over, the truth comes out: Roger Sterling could've been on Empire. In a recent interview, John Slattery revealed he was offered a role on Empire on the show, but, ultimately, decided to opt out. Slattery, who plays Mad Men's Roger Sterling, told Uproxx that Empire co-creator Danny Strong, "asked me if I wanted to be on Empire, and I think I let that ship sail." He seemed a bit apprehensive about the Empire opportunity at first, and he still seems to have mixed feelings about his choice to let the roll slide: “[Danny Strong] is on top of the world right now with Empire. If he reads this, ‘Danny, I need a job!’ He actually I don’t know who I would’ve played… some white dude.”

Slattery has a point, though. It's kind of hard to imagine him fitting into the world of Empire. If he did end up taking the part, Empire might have been a very different show, and Slattery probably wouldn't have had as prominent of a role as he did in Mad Men. Maybe it's not too late for Slattery to make a guest appearance, though. Seems like he really could've used the job, but he'll probably be fine in the meantime.

If Slattery did end up taking the role, or ends up on Empire at some point in later seasons, here's what we might expect from a Mad Men to Empire actor transplant:

It would be weird

Probably for everyone involved.

Cookie probably wouldn't like him

Nope. Cookie would end him.

He'd play some sort of office manager maybe?

Or something?

His character would probably still drink a lot


He might feel like this:

All day, every day.

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