This Kid Dancing At A Basketball Game Is Too Much

Anyone who has a passing familiarity with high school yearbooks is well aware of the old adage "dance like nobody's watching." But a boy dancing at a basketball game in Kentucky recently has an improvement on that maxim. Do you know what he says? "Dance like everyone is watching, because you are awesome and everyone should know it!" The young man's name is Peyton, and thank God for the Internet, because now we all get to bask in his splendor.

The video was taken at the Kentucky High School Athletic Association's Sweet 16 tournament. Dylan is hypnotized by the dulcet tones of Pharell's "Happy," (which is fair; everyone loves that song) and clearly has no choice but to bust a move. He puts together a number I cannot believe for an instant he didn't gleefully choreograph in front of his mirror over the past several weeks. Or maybe Peyton is that inspired and just feels the music burning deep in his heart. Anyway, he looks like a glorious combination of a fitness instructor, a church lady, and everyone's mom at your cousin's wedding. Most impressively, he keeps this going for two minutes, which doesn't sound like a lot, but if you think about it, that's longer than most of the choreographed pieces on So You Think You Can Dance.

Peyton's aunt, who posted the video to YouTube, had this to say:

My nephew dancing in his normal personality...can't keep him still if music is playing.


In all seriousness, this kid's confidence and complete lack of inhibition are truly heartwarming, as is the crowd's genuinely delighted response. Watch and be inspired.

Here are some other kids who have infinitely smoother moves than I do:

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Images: YouTube