Tom Hiddleston Does Samuel L. Jackson As Loki Impression, Frustrates Us With His Greatness

Whenever I see Tom Hiddleston, my immediate reaction is usually an "mmmm" or an "oooh" or an "ah," followed instantly by a "stoooppp." He's a thespian, he's almost annoyingly compassionate, he's apparently a marvelous dancer, and he's got the looks of, well, a Norse trickster god. Basically we like him a lot, and every little additional cool thing he does causes us anguish in that "ugggh it's so cool that he exists" celebrity crush way. And he did another thing recently — specifically, Hiddleston did an impression of Samuel L. Jackson as Loki of Asgard — as he is wont to do in promotion of his movies, and so we are responding in kind in our usual way: A slight swoon, a quiet giggle, and a curse to the heavens that we have not been blessed with the gift of having his face on our faces.

We should all take a long moment of Internet silence to thank the Marvel sequel Thor: The Dark World for existing. Thank you, Thor, for your imminent release means that Hiddles is currently hopping the globe and making public appearances on a daily basis. Last week we witnessed his rad-ass dance moves and his rendition of Michael Jackson's "The Man in the Mirror" (which you can also see below), and now we get to see his response to a reporter asking him to do his Jackson-as-Loki impression.

Now we just need Samuel L. Jackson's official reaction.

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