17 Questions About Jimmy Fallon's "Barbara Ann" Wax Figure Video, Whatever It Is — VIDEO

Good morning! Has anyone terrified you by singing and dancing with five identical copies of themselves yet? No? Well Jimmy Fallon is sorry about that lapse and is on the scene to make it right with a two-minute video of Fallon performing "Barbara Ann" with five wax figures, supposedly from Madame Tussaud's. And while I'm as big a fan of wax figures as the next guy — my dream is to one day be a celebrity myself so I can lurk in the museum pretending to be my own wax figure, then jump out at tourists to scare them — this video is massively turning my stomach. Something about the way all of Fallon's wax figures are smiling and so earnestly trying to gaze into my eyes/steal my soul is making me pretty sure that their vacant stares are going to haunt my dreams.

Especially because they look so real. There are several times during the video that my brain is telling me one of these waxy monsters is the real Jimmy Fallon, even though I know that traditionally his face moves and emotes like a real human being. It's just making me rethink every interaction I've ever had with him (read: watching him on television), and wonder if he might have been substituting in one of his wax-twins. I mean if you have that many lying around, what's to stop you? And that's just one of the many questions that arose for me when I watched this video, or whatever it is. Here are 17 more.

Why are there five of them?

You're a real cool guy, Fallon, but I don't think even Miley Cyrus has five wax figures — and she's gone through quite a few ~changes~ in her life if you know what I mean.

Are you guys gonna kiss?

Be honest.

You got nothing to say about any of this?

"Ah yes, Jimmy plus five Jimmys. This all seems to be in order!" Really buddy?

Would you stop turning when the original Jimmy turns around?


How are you singing without moving your mouths?

Why are you okay with this?

You first heard the voice and freaked out at 0:31, and were happily singing along and dancing by 1:01, so it took you 30 seconds to get on board with reanimated wax figure corpses who have the aforementioned talent of singing without moving their mouths. THIS IS LITERAL PEER PRESSURE AND YOU SEEM AWFULLY SUSCEPTIBLE.

Who claps like this?


Why so smug, middle guy?

Follow up question: What's your secret?

Is it okay that I thought the one in the back left was the real Jimmy?

I don't think it's okay.

What does that say about me??

Because I definitely did, until this happened.

Jimmy r u okay?

Because then it turns out he's completely alone in there?? What is even happening anymore?

Really Questlove?

You're just gonna leave?

Should I call someone?

I think Jimmy needs help, guys.


I'm aware this isn't strictly a question, but NONONONONONONONONONONO.

No, seriously, why?

Is this now suddenly a fever dream?

Why aren't you running?


Is your wife okay with this?

Does she mind that you sleep with four identical copies of yourself or is she chill with it?

Check out the video below and try not to shower.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on YouTube

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