Wait, Are The Obamas Moving To New York?

Get ready for this, New Yorkers. Really, sit down. After the Obama presidency ends in 2016, Barack Obama and family might be moving to New York City. Really, this could happen! BuzzFeed News reports that the first female is thinking about a move after an anonymous administration official told the news outlet told the outlet: “It’s real.” So, why is the president considering New York?

Well, for one, maybe it's because Malia Obama was spotted touring New York University. Mom and dad might want to live a bit closer to their daughter than their native Chicago. They certainly wouldn't be the first White House occupants to settle in the Big Apple post-presidency. The Clinton's opted to buy a home in Westchester County, while Hillary ran for the senate and Bill set up his foundation in Harlem. Public office in Michelle's future?

This also wouldn't be the first time Barack has lived in New York. He attended Columbia University, and there are reports that Columbia is bidding to host the Obama presidential library. According to Phil Boerner, the president's former college roommate, Obama liked running in Central Park, hitting the museums, and perusing books at the Strand.

But a lot of things have changed since Obama last lived in New York. Less graffiti, safer subways, and more traffic. Even more of the last if the former president moves in.

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But a lot goes into major life decisions like this. Reggie Love, former personal assistant to Obama, said to BuzzFeed: "I know he likes New York City, but when he gets out of the White House he’ll have a daughter who’s still in high school."

He added: "You could be the leader of the free world, but kids and spouses have a huge impact on where he goes.” So, the Obamas might move to New York, but probably not until his youngest daughter graduates high school — so a few years after he leaves office. There are a lot of family decisions to make.

If is all true, when will the Obama family move to New York? Well, we could have some indication sometime after April 7. The president is waiting to make an announcement about the Obama Library's future location after the run-off election of Chicago's mayor. So, if Columbia doesn't get a veto from Obama, then maybe, just maybe he might decide to go apartment hunting.

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