Get Kate Middleton's Hot Pink Topper For Less

The effortlessly beautiful Duchess of Cambridge took a break from her pastel blue color palate (that had the world speculating whether she was having a boy) to throw us a style curveball. That's right, Kate Middleton wore a hot pink Mulberry coat. Is she trying to tell us something??

Middleton is no stranger to color, from her glamorous plum Seraphine coat that she rocked during her 2014 New York City visit, to her blush colored Alexander McQueen. The woman knows her way around the rainbow. But the shockingly bright pink topper that the royal beauty wore during her tour of the Stephen Lawrence Centre in London was an exquisitely tailored treat. Better yet, it was absolutely perfect for springtime.

Nothing welcomes the warmer weather like a lush and luminous colored coat to shield you from that cool pre-summer breeze. The the double breasted confection is no longer available on the Mulberry UK site, but it was previously priced at an unfortunate $2,500. One would pretty much have to be a member of the royal family to afford one. But, if you're lacking in blue blood, you're still in luck — there are a ton of similar options for us Normals to get our hands on.

Check out these affordable options that'll have you looking as pretty in pink as everyone's favorite Duchess.

Moto Jacket from Dolls Kill


Epaulet Double Breasted Trench Coat from


Fold Over Collar Parka Coat at Jolly Chic


Tuxedo Style Blazer from Lush Fashion Lounge


Duffle Coat with Toggle Closure at


Ankle Length Maxi Coat from AliExpress


Images: Getty Images, time/Twitter, Courtesy Brands