Chrissy Teigen & Jessica Alba End Their Winter Early, Because They're Rich & They Can — PHOTOS

One of the many benefits of being a celebrity is being able to change the weather. OK, not in the way that you can control the rotation of the Earth around the sun or speed up time to get out of this never-ending winter, but if you're rollin' in green like Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, Jessica Alba, and Alba's husband Cash Warren, you can give a big middle finger to the cold and jet off to some warmth. Which they absolutely did, heading to St. Barths and throwing their happiness in everyone's faces.

Teigen, Alba, and crew were straight up chillin' to an impressive degree. Sure, Alba posted some cute quaint shots on her Instagram of her kids in a beautiful infinity pool and a friend of hers sipping a photogenic tropical drink, but the candids tell otherwise. Basically, they all went to the tropics laugh their heads off in shallow water. I assume because, if you're gonna get island drunk, which you should, it's best not to believe you'll be able to do any real swimming.

This is just another reason why I wish I was Chrissy Teigen, because of everyone, she looks likes she's having the most fun and giving the least amount of damns. Congrats again, you rich beautiful fools, for being able to escape the hell of winter for favor of champagne flutes in the ocean. We hate you 'cause we ain't you.

"We really can have it all!!!!," Chrissy Teigen cackles. John Legend is scared but aroused.

Teigen sipping a drink while Alba wears a hat that would be out of place in most of the still freezing United States at this point. Seems chill.

Being famous rules. Enjoy the warmth, you lucky few.