Twin Babies Dancing To Their Mom Singing Is Absolutely The Best Thing You Will See Today — VIDEO

When I bring you, dear readers, videos from the internet, I try to add a little... oomph. Ya know, some jokes, some quips, some commentary to broaden the experience of viewing. But I must admit, I am disarmed and helpless at the sight of these twin babies dancing to their mother singing the theme to Eastenders.

Look, babies are hard, dudes. And 8-month-old babies, like the ones in this video, can be especially hard, because they're on the cusp of so much: They're mobile enough that you can't leave them unattended for more than a few seconds, because they can (and almost certainly will) get into something, but not mobile enough that you don't have to carry them around constantly (to the detriment of your arms, back, and hips). They're aware enough to know exactly what they want, but not developed enough to be able to convey that to you in any clear or consistent way, which can get crazy frustrating. The upshot of 8-month-olds? A lot, frankly, and this video captures that. It is such a genuine, not showy, sweet moment that encapsulates the positive side of what it is like to be a parent to an older infant. They are these sweet little blobs of smiles and chubby cheeks that coo and babble and dance!


Whether you have kids, want kids, or just enjoy watching adorable babies dancing a dance of unbridled joy, take a look at the full, brief video below.

Images: YouTube