The Nineties Was A Great Time For Swimwear

by Melanie Richtman

Who could’ve predicted that Pamela Anderson’s iconic red Baywatch bathing suit would ever make a comeback? No one, probably, but that’s going to be the case this summer. Nineties-inspired bathing suits are back, so it’s time for all of the haters to embrace it. From high-cut one pieces to high-neck, crop top-esque bikinis, bathing suits are the newest way to let the nineties back into your life.

And if you need more convincing, celebrities and swimsuit models, from Rihanna to Candice Swanepoel have been rocking these swimsuits, so there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t rock them as well. And I know what you’re thinking: What about the tan lines? Yes, the cuts are different, so the tan lines will be different too, but why is it normal to have the tan lines of two bikini triangles? Also sunscreen and spray tans are great at protecting your skin and erasing tan lines.

Still not convinced? Perhaps this photo of Candice Swanepoel will be enough to persuade you that you need a nineties bathing suit this summer.

There is just something so sexy about a one piece bathing suit, even though they've been given a bad rap. Similarly, there is just something so cool about a high-neck bikini top. So figure out the look you're going for — sexy or cool — and shop some of this season's hottest swimsuits.

Aerie has your back.

Aerie Crop Bikini Top, $37, Aerie

Just think about how cute this top would be with some necklaces and high-waisted shorts? Adorable and so nineties.

Victoria's Secret knows what's up.

Zip-front One Piece, $55, Victoria's Secret

That zipper down the front? It's flawless and sporty and I need it in my life.

American Apparel takes it to the next level.

Starfish Print Malibu One Piece, $27, American Apparel

The cut of this swimsuit is not only nineties, but the pattern just screams "Saved By The Bell."

Nasty Gal is embracing the trend.

Wave Down Bikini Top, $60, Nastygal | Deep Water High-Waisted Bottoms, $50, Nastygal

A high-neck top and high-cut bottoms? Sold.

Shout out to Urban Outfitters for this adorable one piece.

Out From Under Printed Ladder Back One-Piece Swimsuit, $68, Urban Outfitters

The stylist even paired this bohemian number with a choker. Nailed it.

Missguided's sporty crop top bikini is perfect.

Sports Band High Neck Bikini, $44, Misguided

This simple black two piece is a great way to ease into the trend.

Images: Aerie/Instagram, Candice Swanepoel/Instagram,,,,,,