Your Guide To Styling Those Trendy Bell Bottoms

With the sudden resurgence of trends like fringe, platforms, and suede, I think we can safely say the '70s are back. This, of course, means we all have to re-learn what to wear with flare jeans — and I'm completely excited about it. I'm not the only one who's a fan of the bell bottom comeback: Olivia Palermo, Rachel Zoe, and January Jones are just a few celebrities who have been spotted wearing the retro look recently. They're the perfect transition piece to get you through the spring because they're surprisingly versatile.

Get a dark wash pair if you plan on wearing them to work or semi-formal events, and choose a more distressed, light-wash pair for weekends. I particularly love flared jeans that also have a bit of a high waist going on — they'll make your legs look miles long. Add a belt and show off the high waisted style by tucking your top in or wearing a crop top.

Most importantly, keep in mind the height of the shoes you plan to wear with your flares. If you'll be living in flats and sandals, the flares should be below your ankles but not in a puddle around your feet. If you'll be wearing high heels and platforms, however, aim to have the hem of your pants barely skimming the ground when wearing heels so that your cute shoes peek out.

You don't have to spend a lot of money on this trend, either. I found this comfy pair of Elasticized Flared Jeans from Forever 21 for only $16. Here are four ways that I plan on styling them from March all the way through spring and summer.

1. Paired with a winter coat and high heel boots for chilly days.

As great as flared jeans look with a simple t-shirt, Jane Birkin-style, don't be afraid to pair them with your winter wardrobe to make them work no matter how long this cold weather persists. I may not wear these jeans with a bulky puffer coat (that's what leggings are for) but my Zara coat lends a classy touch. Boots with a heel, whether they're ankle boots or over-the-knee, will keep your feet warm while simultaneously keeping the hem of your jeans off the ground.

2. Worn with a classic trench coat and breton top for spring.

Once the weather starts to warm up a bit, there's no companion for flared jeans that can beat the classic trench coat. A striped shirt helps make the outfit feel even more French, while just a peek of leopard print heels gives visual interest.

3. A lace blouse makes them work-appropriate.

A lace blouse with flared jeans is my ideal spring outfit. It has a very '70s vibe but in a put-together way. If the jeans are dark-wash, you can definitely wear this to any business-casual workplace. For shoes, go with tan heels or boots — the higher the better.

4. Embrace Coachella style for summer.

Coachella is fast-approaching and it's time to get in the spirit. This may not be my usual style, but it's fun to try out on a warm weekend. A crop top and vintage kimono are the perfect mix of fitted and flowing, and wedge platform sandals give you height without sacrificing comfort. When it gets really hot, I can even see myself switching out the crop top for a bikini top before heading out for a swim. And don't forget the giant, round sunglasses.

Now put down the skinny jeans and go get yourself some flares.

Images: Joshua Kirby