11 Ways To Wear The Bell Bottom Trend

by Catie Keck

The fashion world is oft a cyclical remixing of old styles in “new”-ish interpretations. But sometimes that manifests in ways we’d rather it not, as is the case with the news of bell bottoms making a style comeback. Because we’ve apparently got no respect for our mothers who themselves had to weather this fashion atrocity and now much watch us do it too. I for one will not be partaking, but I encourage you to explore the style (at your own risk).

Here’s how this played out: People’s Ashley Madekwe blogged a photo of herself rocking ’70s inspired high-waisted bell bottoms (which she manages to look flawless in, by the way) saying, “As I'm sure you've all heard the 70's are making a comeback for this spring & summer and a good pair of denim flares is a quick way to instantly key into that trend.” People, in turn, reblogged the photo themselves. So whether you like it or not, this thing is snowballing, and your best bet is to either sidestep its fashion fallout or hop this train to Funk City.

In the spirit of giving the benefit of my very big doubts to this trend, I scoured Instagram to bring you the best of bell bottom style, which appear to indeed be trending. Here’re some ways to rock the look and still maintain your fashion integrity. Wear bell bottoms...

1. With a belted flow-y shirt

2. With rounded Lennon-style sunglasses

3. With an oversized sweater

4. With chunky boots

5. With a sheer blouse

6. With a long cardigan

7. With a tucked oxford

8. With bangles

9. With a pop of color

10. With a loose, simple tank

11. With chunky, open-toed sandals

Images: Instagram