'Empire' Season 2 Spoilers From Serayah McNeill Reveal Plenty Of Romance & Drama When The Lyons Return

Let's face it: Wednesdays have not been the same since Fox's Empire wrapped up its first season in March. I highly recommend keeping the soundtrack on repeat — not only is it deservedly the No. 1 album in the country, but trust me, it also helps lessen the Lyon family withdrawal symptoms. As something else to get you through the hiatus, I recently asked Empire 's Serayah McNeill for Season 2 spoilers in emoji form, because it already feels like the longest wait ever for the show to return.

Much like the rest of us, McNeill isn't quite sure when Season 2 will debut on Fox — and she's hoping her character, the glamorous popstar Tiana Brown, will be a part of it all. "Everyone asks me what my dream role is and it's Tiana Season 2," the 19-year-old actress, singer, and model says. "Hopefully, she'll stay down with Empire [Entertainment], shake some more stuff up, and continue to perform. I'd like to see more of her personal side, more of where she comes from, and her personal issues."

For now, she's given Bustle a chance to decode what she knows about about Empire's second season. Together, let's obsess over what these emojis could possible mean.

Someone Leaves Behind Shocking Evidence

At the end of Season 1, Lyon family patriarch Lucious (played by Terrence Howard) was dragged off in handcuffs and charged with Bunkie's murder — but will the charge stick? The pawprints emoji makes me think they'll discover a new trail. Maybe the Lyons will find some shocking evidence that'll either save or harm Lucious' case. Perhaps it has something to do with the late Vernon Turner, who seems to be the star witness.

If you forgot Uncle Vernon's Season 1 fate, watch Bustle's drunk recap here:

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A Broken Family?

Lucious had chosen Jamal (Jussie Smollett) to be the Empire Entertainment heir, much to the chagrin of his other sons Andre (Trai Byers) and Hakeem (Bryshere Gray). The Lyon family is divided and those face emojis, as well as the family symbol, make it seem like they'll continue to be.

Lots & Lots Of Romance

Look at all those hearts. It wouldn't be Empire without a little bit of lovin', would it? The finale revealed that Andre and wife Rhonda are expecting a child, while Hakeem is shacking up with Lucious' ex Anika, aka Boo Boo Kitty. What will Tiana have to say about that? I should also note that McNeill chose the heart emojis that have three hearts each in them — and that could mean plenty of love triangles are on the horizon.

Great Fashion — And Perhaps The Return of Camilla?

When choosing the emojis, McNeill says she is glad to see fashion options on my phone, which is very interesting. Could these clothing emojis simply mean Cookie, Rhonda, Tiana, and the rest of the Empire ladies will continue to be rockin' killer threads? Or could a return of Camilla, a fashion designer and Hakeem's ex-girlfriend, be in the cards? Man, Cookie and Lucious would absolutely hate that, but it would make Hakeem happy.

The Fight For The Empire Continues

Jamal may have the crown for now, but it may not last for long if the cunning Andre and determined Hakeem have their way. While all three Lyon brothers love each other, they also all want a piece of Empire — and are willing to do anything to get it. The crown emoji makes me think Jamal should watch out.

There Will Be Much More Awesome Music

Because it's not Empire without some awesome tunes. I hope those final microphone and musical note emojis mean we have lots of great new music waiting for us.

All of this has me so excited for more Empire — Season 2 can't get here fast enough.

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