'Home' Wins Weekend Box Office, So What Other Film Genre's Should Rihanna Tackle?

Music doesn't seem to be the only industry within the entertainment world that Rihanna is planning to take over. The singer's first animated film Home was released on Friday and easily took over the weekend box office, besting Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart's buddy prison comedy Get Hard, with approximately 54 million dollars in more than 3700 theaters. Ferrell and Hart's comedy still made a respectable number at the box office with 34.6 million dollars in more than 3100 theaters but Home's box office numbers made it the second best showing for an original title for a Dreamworks Animation film after Monsters vs. Aliens from 2009, despite its many negative reviews. So now that Rihanna has conquered the animation world and has dipped her toes in the sci-fi/action film world with 2012's Battleship, what could she do next?

I have so many ideas for Rihanna's next film venture, considering the singer has shown off the ability to make fun of herself in her cameo in This Is The End, take on films that are outside of her musician image like Home, and do something completely out of the box with Battleship. There are still so many areas of the film world she has yet to explore, and these are the ones she should focus on next.

1. Buddy Comedy

Can you just imagine teaming up Rihanna with someone like Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer, Margaret Cho, Jenny Slate, or Kate McKinnon in a buddy comedy? They could be cops together, or something completely random that requires a team of two. But I would love to see how Rihanna does completely immersed in a comedy, with the help of a well-seasoned female comedian.

2. Horror

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One of the other films that was released this weekend was the low-budget horror film It Follows which premiered at Cannes, was given a limited release on March 13th and received a wider release on Friday with a decent opening. Now, many horror movies have the unbearable cliche of making women scream and make terrible decisions that lead to their death or getting stalked by some horrible monster/villain. But wouldn't it be cool to see Rihanna subvert the cliches in the genre and be a smart female protagonist? Or what if she was somehow the antagonist? Could be awesome to watch either way.

3. Movie Musical

Rihanna made a cameo appearance in 2014's Annie, but I'm surprised she has yet to be tied to any upcoming movie musicals. If a Broadway show like the Tupac musical Holler If Ya Hear Me was given some major structural and story improvements, it could make a riveting movie musical with Rihanna taking on a role somewhere. Or if the A Star is Born remake does get made (with apparently Bradley Cooper now in talks to direct, produce and star) with Beyonce in the lead role, could there be a part for Rihanna somewhere?

4. Dystopian Adventure

Rihanna in a Hunger Games/Divergent style series. Now that's a movie franchise that could really be fascinating to explore considering the strong diverse female dynamic.

We all know that no matter what type of film Rihanna does next, it's likely that people will flock to the theaters to watch her take on the role. Let's hope she can continue to make interesting and out-of-the-box choices that will make her an intriguing actor to watch.

Images: Dreamworks Animation; Rebloggy; real-everlarkfourtris, rihannagifs/Tumblr