Justin Bieber Babysits Mason Disick & The Two Have A Lot More In Common Than You Think — PHOTO

Well, this is interesting, to say the least. Apparently, Justin Bieber is Mason Disick's new babysitter. No, that's not a joke. Based on a photo shared by Kourtney Kardashian on Saturday, Mason and the Biebs are new besties. As you can see in the image below, Mason and Bieber are having some fun in the pool, which includes Mason riding around on Bieber's back. Oh, and, of course, Bieber can't help but stick his tongue out in the process. Typical Bieber.

As for Kourtney's mom, Kris Jenner, she just had to comment on the photo and said, "#Mason & @JustinBieber family pool day!!!#bestbabysitterintheworld" Seeing as mama Jenner loves Bieber and can't help but gush about the singer, it's no surprise that she sees him as a fantastic role model for her grandson. Plus, that just means more photo ops for Kris to share on social media. Hmm... no wonder Kim Kardashian is her favorite child.

It also looks like Bieber had a blast with Mason. He too shared the photo on Instagram and captioned it: "Mason is cool as a fan." Actually, it make sense that these two would get along so well, especially since they have so much in common.

Even though the two are 16 years apart, you'd be surprised by how many qualities Mason and Bieber share. Don't belieb me? Check it out.

They Make Funny Faces

It's like looking in a mirror.

They Sometimes Like To Yell

It comes with being in the spotlight 24/7.

They Love To Cuddle Animals

Who doesn't?

They Both Speak Wise Words

Great minds think alike.

They Can't Get Enough Of Kim, Duh

Sorry, Kourtney.

See? It's like they're on the same wavelength.

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