In Other News: October 21, 2013

Blogger Ana Alvarez writes that's she is skeptical about the forthcoming Book of Jezebel. Mostly, she's worried about the way feminism is now being branded by ladymags:

Holmes’s recent interview with Glamour editor and friend Mikki Halpin offers a cringe-worthy example of how flat feminism falls when it’s spinned into a selling bit. The title of the interview—“The New Do: Calling Yourself a Feminist”—itself raises some eyebrows and many red flags. Is “feminism” a style you can “do?” Since when is it new? Reading the interview, you get the feeling that they are talking about the latest fitness craze. At one point Halpin even refers to the rise in feminist discourse as “the Lena Dunham effect.” While Holmes attempts to rein the conversation back to “lady things” like inequality and inequity, Halpin’s questions warn of this “new” feminism defined by celebrity quips and fit for ladymag slugs.

Facebook is experiencing errors Monday morning, causing temporary glitches in user updates. What ever will you do with your life now?!

Slate has three optical illusions that will melt your brain.

The newest startup trend? Weed.

Netflix is now beating HBO in subscribers.

According to a new study, six million young people in America aren't in school or working.

Which might explain this viral video of Chris Koo dancing to Beyonce's "Crazy in Love." But really, if you are one of the lucky employed, watching this is going to make your Monday all better. Can you believe it's been 10 years since you first danced in front of the mirror to this album?