On 'The Good Wife' Episode "Undisclosed Recipients," Alicia Asked Finn To Work With Her & That's A Splendid Idea

Apparently, the honeymoon period for a newly elected state's attorney doesn't last very long! On Sunday night's new episode of The Good Wife , "Undisclosed Recipients," Alicia Florrick discovered that if she's going to survive her first year in office, she's going to need to learn how to deal with some pretty unsavory characters... and fast. She may have made some mistakes during her first few hours as an elected official, but she definitely got one thing right: Alicia asked Finn Polmar to work with her at the state's attorney's office. She wants him to be her second-in-command. Oh my gosh — this is the moment Finnlicia fans have been waiting for!

Finn told Alicia he needed some time to think about her offer before he could give her an answer, but I have a feeling he's going to say yes. Here's why:

The Good Wife's writers have to know that a lot of viewers want Alicia and Finn to become an item — the characters (or the actors, depending on how you look at it) just have such fantastic chemistry together. Even if Alicia and Finn's relationship remains platonic, I think putting them in a situation that allows them to interact more often could only be good for the show.

Bottom line: I want more Alicia and Finn. For the most part, I don't care how I get it (just as long as they don't become mortal enemies or anything like that).

And if Alicia and Finn do eventually become a couple, I think it would be really interesting to watch them try to navigate a romantic relationship while working closely together in a professional setting (just as long as it doesn't become a re-hash of what we saw Alicia and Will go through earlier in the series). There are loads of potential storylines there. This seems like a no-brainer to me — Finn needs to accept Alicia's offer!

Three characters have kept me coming back to The Good Wife this season: Alicia (Julianna Margulies is always fabulous), Marissa Gold (Sarah Steele is hysterical), and Finn (if Matthew Goode leaves us for Downton Abbey... I don't know what I'll do with myself). All other characters (with the exception of Diane Lockhart and Kalinda Sharma) could disappear and I'd still tune in.

I hope the writers make a good call here...

Images: David M. Russell/CBS; leosfitz/Tumblr (3)