'Southern Charm' Newbie Jennifer Snowden Is Not As Scandalous As Bravo Would Make Us Believe

Another season of Southern Charm, another season of Kathryn and Thomas fighting. That’s just what they do, I guess. Last week’s episode showed Thomas invited Jennifer Snowden to his big “I’m going to be a Senator u guyz” dinner party, and since Thomas had told Kathryn that he barely knows Jennifer, Kathryn was, um, a little peeved that this woman was sitting at her table. Who even is Jennifer Snowden? Not for nothing, but if I asked my boyfriend and baby daddy who was texting him and he said it was someone he barely knew and then he invited that same person to a dinner party consisting of only his closest friends, I would be a little angry, too. I know that Kathryn, despite being a new housewife and mother, is young and immature and prone to outbursts, but something about Thomas is so, so shady.

Kathryn isn’t crazy, and those saying she is should back up: Perhaps if Thomas weren’t so great at lying, she wouldn’t have to be worried. When someone tells you who he is, believe him, and if something feels wrong, well, it probably is. But anyway, back to our new pal Jennifer. It turns out that she used to date an old friend of Thomas’, and Thomas stupidly made a crack during that dinner party that Jennifer used to spend a lot of time in his bed. Because his girlfriend and the mother of his child was sitting there and he is very good at proving himself to be an idiot. That quip certainly begs the question of whether or not Thomas and Jennifer are really just friends.

After a perusal of the interwebs (which tell all), I’m going to lean toward Thomas' side (for once, and only for once) and say that he and Jennifer are just pals, and Jennifer is just collateral damage in the middle of this weird-ass relationship that Thomas and Kathryn have going for them. Despite their seeming confrontation on Monday's new episode, according to their respective social media accounts, Kathryn and Jennifer appear to be friends. Thomas is a lot older than Kathryn is, and after sowing his oats in Charleston, he’s bound to know (and have slept with) throughout the whole town. It doesn't seem to have come between Jennifer and Kathryn. Check out this snap from Jennifer’s Instagram, taken from her birthday:

I recognize that all of these people are on a television show together and sort of have to hang out when doing promotion, but do they all have to look so happy? Nope. Kathryn and Jennifer are willing to take plenty of selfies together, so they clearly don’t hate each other, as Kathryn could if she were mad that Thomas was bedding Jennifer. They look like just good pals here, too:

Here the girls are again, hanging out with Shep (hi, Shep, call me, thanks!):

Not to say that Thomas is an entirely trustworthy person, because I tend to think he’s slimier than an eel, but if I found out that my man was cheating on me when I was pregnant and his mistress knew (which, who didn’t know that Kathryn was pregnant? Jennifer would have known), I would not be taking fun selfies with her months after the fact.

Let’s chalk this one up to the show drumming up drama for the audience's sake and pitting another set of ladies against each other. I’m glad Kathryn and Jennifer are friends. Girl power!

Image: Paul Cheney/Bravo; giphy